It has been a more eventful winter than anticipated - along with the winter weather, we welcomed a new baby cousin, new baby lambs, and lots of baking.  A few of the cakes I have made are here for you to see.  I also made lots of fun Valentine's chocolates and cookies!  The two school-themed cakes below were for their cake auctions they had.  They helped make some money for the sports departments at school.  The cake to the left was for my brother's birthday.  I know he must be paying attention to the cake flavors I make...I've never made this particular cake flavor, but had made them in different combinations.  It was a peanut butter cake filled with chocolate chip cookie dough balls, frosted with a cookie dough buttercream and topped with chocolate and peanut butter ganache.  OH MY was it a yummy combination!  :-)  I've got more fun cakes coming up this month and it's time to start making some Easter chocolates soon!  I've been working on peanut butter eggs for this year.  I made my first batch to sample last weekend and the kids can't leave them alone!  I'm glad they are eating them and not me.  HAHA  As for recipes, I've been on a Pinterest kick making some recipes from there.  Most are yummy, but not my originals...thus, the lack of recipes here.  I've got a few up my sleeve and need to post!  Enjoy your Tuesday!!



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