Soft Pretzels
Today starts Tradition with a Twist Thursdays - and I had to start with a classic twisted recipe...homemade pretzels!  My kids will be EXCITED to get home to these today - and if my cousin (and neighbor) reads this, he will probably stop in.  :-)  If you've never done anything with yeast, I highly recommend this recipe.  It's a very forgiving dough - meaning you can't mess it up!  You may have to work to get "pretty" pretzels, but they will all taste great!  Now, for the "twist".  These don't have to be traditional soft pretzels - you can jazz them up with cinnamon and sugar, add some spicy jalapenos to the dough, make bite-sized pieces for an appetizer and serve with a dip, make pretzel buns for burgers, even shape them like little pizza crusts and add pepperoni and cheese.  There are lots of fun and new ways to enjoy a pretzel.  Have a recipe you'd like to see a "twist" on?  Email it to me!  Find the recipe for soft pretzels on the Side Dish Recipes page, or click here for a printable version.  And by all means, let me know when you make these!  



Chris Tennant
10/17/2013 14:06

Just catching up....I'm back to checking out your recipes after a long break. Great to see you back as your blog as well as your recipes keep me inspired to try something new.
Mom :-)


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