Chicken Carbonara
This week I am giving you a fun recipe for Chicken Carbonara - but I admit that it has lots of steps!  I started making this after going to a popular family-style Italian restaurant.  I had to recreate it and looked up a recipe - and saw 2 words I avoid when cooking a healthier meal at home:  heavy cream!  I changed it some and instead of using spaghetti (which is traditional), I used penne pasta, only because my kids prefer it!  You could use good ole sketti noodles, too.  For novice cooks here, just read the recipe completely and get ready for a cooking adventure!  Find the recipe on the Meal Recipes page, or click here for a printable version.



Mary Workman
10/31/2013 13:33

...still waiting on your scrumptious pumpkin bars recipe...:):)


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